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Driving Change Forward with GreenCars

GreenCars exists to accelerate the sustainable mobility revolution by facilitating the adoption of hybrid, all electric vehicles, and emerging technologies through passionate advocacy and tailored education.

GreenCars gives consumers a dedicated resource that provides free, easy access to information about sustainable vehicles. We increase awareness of environmentally-friendly transportation in order to accelerate the adoption of sustainable vehicles; and provide tools and resources to help consumers learn about and shop for hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and zero-emission vehicles.

The GreenCars Learning Center is packed with hundreds of in-depth, information-rich articles, blog posts, the latest EV news, and extensive guides to make learning about and shopping for EVs fun and easy. Whether a consumer wishes to compare EVs side-by-side, or take a deep dive on how electric and hybrid cars work in our articles, GreenCars supports resources to help consumers feel confident, supported, and empowered.

Check out our latest report below to learn more about how we're driving changing forward with GreenCars.

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We’re pleased to present our 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report that showcases Lithia & Driveway’s determination and sincerity in pursuing this conscientious growth on the road ahead.

Report book of Lithia