EV Charging Network

Providing Access to Charging

At LAD, we have invested heavily in charging infrastructure. The total number of charging stations across Lithia & Driveway’s network has increased from 396 in 2020, to 602 in 2021. Over 90 are level 3 fast chargers, delivering the ultimate in customer convenience and positioning Lithia & Driveway as an electric vehicle leader.

This includes not only 219 charging stations accessible by the public and to customers, but crucially, also includes hundreds of charging stations that support our service departments. In addition to our belief in electric vehicles, we are also committed to providing superior service to EV drivers, to ensure these vehicles stay on the road as long as possible, further amplifying their positive environmental impact.

In a rapidly changing environment, these efforts have contributed to an impressive adoption of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles across the Lithia & Driveway network. A growing number of our stores have received awards from our manufacturer partners for sustainability.

Check out our latest report below to learn more about how we're accelerating the EV revolution through our EV charging network.

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We’re pleased to present our 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report that showcases Lithia & Driveway’s determination and sincerity in pursuing this conscientious growth on the road ahead.

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