Green Experience

Sustainability at the Stores

Lithia & Driveway currently sell 40 brands of new domestic and imported vehicles, and all brands of used trucks and automobiles, at 275+ locations nationwide. We encourage all of them to participate in sustainable business-operating programs, and we are particularly proud of our Green Dealers, who have been certified through their manufacturer's specific planet-conscious programs.

Subaru Eco-friendly Stores

Many of our Subaru stores have been enrolled in The Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailer Program. This is a voluntary program designed for retailers who want to make a positive impact on their communities and local environment.

Honda/Acura Green Dealer Program

All of our Honda and Acura stores have enrolled in the Honda/Acura Green Dealer Program to measurably reduce energy and water use while enhancing their environmentally responsible business operations. These stores implement several environmental best practices, such as proper building envelope insulation to minimize heat gain and loss, energy-efficient HVAC systems, energy-efficient interior and exterior lighting, designated recycling areas, water-efficient systems and more.

Check out our latest report below to learn more about how we're providing a green expereience across our stores.

Explore the Full Report

We’re pleased to present our 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report that showcases Lithia & Driveway’s determination and sincerity in pursuing this conscientious growth on the road ahead.

Report book of Lithia