Jul 14, 2022

Sustainable Design & Development


At LAD, we take pride in working hand in hand with our partners to develop more sustainable buildings and businesses. One recent example is in Michigan, where our Design Team and their partners have worked hand-in-hand with the local community of Scio Township (outside of Ann Arbor) on an 18-acre parcel of land for three luxury car dealerships.

Buildings in the dealership complex are designed to a greater energy-efficiency standard than current code requirements, while a pilot program uses a battery system tied to the utility grid to draw electricity during off-peak hours to minimize energy costs while simultaneously delivering Level 3 fast charging.

This new complex includes a shared EV park with six charging stations made up of three Level 2 and three Level 3 chargers. This park will benefit not just our customers but all who travel the Jackson Road Corridor between Ann Arbor and Scio Township.

The EV chargers’ electrical load is offset with a large 32-kW solar canopy built into the park, while additional solar canopies throughout the park allow electric car drivers to access vehicle charging while enjoying some time outdoors shielded from the sun. The site also offers an educational pathway that includes native plantings and geographical features that make the site carbon-neutral.

For future updates, paving will be pervious to capture storm water, which is directed to catch basins where it is treated and monitored before release – reducing the impacts of pollutants entering the water stream.