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We encourage sustainability by educating consumers on green mobility solutions. Our scale and industry position help us drive impactful retail choices that support the environment.

Leading the Charge in Sustainability

As the industry evolves towards the electrification of vehicles, we’re Taking Personal Ownership  of our future role in affordable, sustainable mobility solutions with GreenCars—our website that offers an interactive knowledge center to help consumers assess the benefits of sustainable vehicles including EVs, PHEVs, and Hybrids. A part of our solution is expanding the EV-charging network to alleviate range anxiety and help consumers feel confident in their decision.

Alongside our manufacturers’ evolution of offerings such as the Green Dealer program, we are supporting facilities in applying for energy-efficient standards. Looking ahead, we will Continuously Improve  our sustainable business practices through developing employee knowledge, creativity, and participation surrounding sustainability efforts.

Explore the Full Report

The 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report outlines our roadmap to fostering a better, brighter future in the world of transportation, and beyond.