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We value welcoming workplaces and robust community engagement across all levels of our organization. This people-centric focus inspires a virtuous cycle of positive, social change—and strengthens Growth Powered by People.

​​Taking Care of Our People

At Lithia & Driveway, all of our teams–from Lithia stores to Driveway,  DFC, and GreenCars–strive to Earn Customers for Life, both internal and external. We care deeply about our associates’ safety and health, overall well-being, and professional development. To ensure social sustainability in all corners of the company, we offer generous, competitive benefits packages, employee assistance policies, tuition reimbursement, and free career advancement resources via our online Learning Center.

To Improve Constantly, we strive for a more open, diverse, and inclusive workforce where everyone feels comfortable and valued. In that spirit, our newly established Cultural Council is dedicated to innovating strategies that attract and retain associates from all walks of life.

Explore the Full Report

The 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report outlines our roadmap to fostering a better, brighter future in the world of transportation, and beyond.