Apr 26, 2023

GreenCars Webinars Share Best Practices, Videos Educate the Public

man taking notes during webinar

GreenCars, LAD’s proprietary brand designed to accelerate the adoption of more sustainable transportation, has a three-pronged strategy to put more green vehicles on the road.

Pillar One: Engage

The first pillar of the GreenCars strategy is to engage teams within Lithia & Driveway, providing knowledge about hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electric vehicles and other alternative fuel vehicles to our entire network.

In that vein, in 2023,GreenCars launched a monthly webinar series designed to educate sales people, service advisors, and other customer-facing staff. Every month, GreenCars delivers an hour-long webinar designed to provide useful information and guidance to store staff, and to those within the company interested in sustainable driving. Three webinars have been delivered so far: an introduction to various types of green technologies; an in-depth look at electric vehicle charging; and a look at the challenges EVs and their customers bring to our service departments.

Pillar Two: Public Education

The second pillar of GreenCars’ strategy is public education. Speaking to over 400,000 unique visitors a month, the GreenCars website is updated daily with the latest news and knowledge about sustainable driving. In addition to the ongoing development of written material, GreenCars launched a new series of animated videos designed to explain important concepts around alternative-fuel vehicles. The first five of 40 videos were launched on GreenCars’ YouTube channel in March.

Pillar Three: Marketplace, Powered by Driveway

Finally, when a GreenCars visitor is ready to purchase a vehicle, they can do so at an LAD store or on Driveway, the company’s online sales platform, which powers the GreenCars marketplace. The long-term goal is to help LAD put more EVs, hybrids, and other green vehicles on the road – expanding its share of the market in the process.