Jan 26, 2023

Expanding Women LEAD

women happily gathered in office

At LAD, it's important for our workforce to mirror the communities in which we live and do business. As such, our ongoing goal is to become more diverse and inclusive to empower all in our communities. Diversity and inclusion practices throughout the employee life cycle not only ensure that every team member, regardless of background, can achieve their highest potential – and they also provide us with a competitive edge.

The Lithia Women LEAD program, started in 2015, now includes live streams to our stores across the nation, and men are invited to participate even as the program remains true to the original mission of being a networking and development forum for women. Indeed, virtual events are now accessible to all employees within our network. 

Since the program’s inception, a growing percentage of women now occupy senior leadership roles within the company. Carol Deacon, named Senior Vice President of Driveway & GreenCars in 2022, is a prime example. As leader of the company’s national proprietary brands, Carol is responsible for developing, prioritizing, and executing the vision and strategy of the two platforms.