Aug 26, 2023

GreenCars Elevates Consumer Engagement

An aerial view of electric Vehicle consumers looking at purchasing a car

In its determined drive to increase the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and alternative-fuel vehicles, GreenCars continued building consumer confidence with improved website navigation and more engaging content—and these efforts helped us gain a larger educational audience.

Making Strides with Engaging Content & Nimble Navigation

In a clear effort to Improve Constantly—one of Lithia & Driveways’ core values—the GreenCars Team made the following advancements on the website:

•  Optimized more than 500 individual, public-education articles

•  Improved website navigation tools

•  Updated and refreshed the FAQs (frequently asked questions) page

•  Reorganized the homepage to better showcase new content

•  Added the ability for visitors to (1) buy a ChargePoint charger online, (2) have the charger shipped directly to their home, and (3) have access to an improved charging station map

Strides Increase Organic Traffic

The implementation of a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy  has resulted in significant increases in organic traffic to the site. Organic visitors tend to spend more time on the website and visit more pages. They also tend to visit the website more regularly.

In July alone, GreenCars’ organic traffic was up more than 30 percent compared to the prior month. Updates to the website design and structure were key in driving this increase in traffic.

People watching greencars youtube videos

YouTube Videos Expand Educational Reach

Video is another lane where GreenCars has made significant strides. On the GreenCars YouTube Channel, we have produced 20 videos explaining green vehicle technology and how to use it. Throughout Q2, the number of subscribers to the GreenCars YouTube channel increased by more than 2,100 percent!

Additionally, the inclusion of video content on the GreenCars social media pages—Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok—has resulted in significant audience growth, as well as increased engagement.

As with any new technology, potential buyers need more time to get informed and comfortable before they feel confident in making the switch to an electrified vehicle. At GreenCars, we’re making strides every day to educate and inspire consumers on the possibilities of a more sustainable ride and to meet consumers wherever, whenever, and however they desire.