Oct 18, 2022

Over 900 EV Chargers Across Our Network

At LAD, we want to lead the transition to more sustainable driving by selling and servicing more electric and electrified vehicles. A key component of this strategy is the expansion of our charging network at our stores.

Easily-accessible chargers are not only a convenient service we provide to our customers who might need a top-up on a road trip or when visiting the store. They are also key to vehicle deliveries and vehicle service. Electric and electrified vehicles are always delivered with a full “tank” of electrons for an optimal customer experience. When vehicles come in for service, their batteries need to be maintained, and are placed on chargers before customers pick them up again.

Lithia & Driveway continues to make investments in growing our charging infrastructure. Our customer-facing port count across the country now numbers over 900. That’s nearly double the number of ports available at the same time last year.

More importantly, we have improved the level of charging available to our customers. Level 1 charging, usable only for plug-in hybrids with the smallest batteries, are being replaced by faster Level 2 and super-fast Level 3 charging. Faster charging not only improves customer convenience; it speeds up our internal processes as well.

It's easy to find chargers across the country on GreenCars.