Aug 26, 2023

GreenCars Sustainability Award

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GreenCars awarded a new Sustainability Award to recognize employee creativity in sustainability efforts, after learning about an inspirational story in our Payroll Department in 2022. The unique employee effort clearly demonstrated the spirit behind one of our corporate responsibility goals—Goal4: Bright Ideas—outlined in our Corporate Responsibility Report.

We will be launching the GreenCars Sustainability Award for 2023 soon to share future sustainability stories inspired by our hard-working, talented associates.

2022 Winner's Story: The Inspiration Behind the Award

As a compensation associate at Lithia & Driveway, Erin Oltman, worked within the traditional paper-based, payroll-processing system that tirelessly produces weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly paychecks for nearly all employees. Erin decided to Take Personal Ownership and use her sustainable values and a fresh perspective to drive a positive change.

The Payroll Department Goes Paperless

Erin proposed using Adobe Acrobat Pro to convert the entire payroll process from paper to digital. Based on her previous work experience,Erin immediately saw how this technology could easily become a sustainable, systemic option for the Payroll Department. Leadership agreed, and her bright idea worked brilliantly!

Annual Savings

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