Jul 14, 2022

Inspiring Female Leadership


Lithia Women LEAD (Learn, Explore, Achieve, Develop) was started in 2015 with several goals in mind. It helps provide an avenue for women in the organization to learn and develop; it helps female leaders act as role models and inspire one another’s growth; it organizes events where women can network; and it enhances skills beneficial to women in their personal and professional lives.

What began as a series of daily events for LAD women leading up to the Southern Oregon’s Women’s Conference – which LAD sponsors annually – has grown to something far larger. Due to popular demand, Lithia Women LEAD programming now runs year-round, and is live-streamed to all LAD stores across the nation – and is accessible to men as well as women.

Content of Lithia Women LEAD events has also expanded beyond networking, inspiration, and skills: it now also delivers broader and deeper knowledge of the company and automotive retail business for all participants. All while staying true to the mission of being a networking and development forum for women.