Jan 26, 2023

A Group-Wide Charging Strategy

A man and his child charging their electric car

At LAD, we're leading the transition to more sustainable driving by selling and servicing more electric and electrified vehicles. We continue to make investments in growing our EV charging infrastructure, with our port count across the country numbering 896. In addition to adding additional charging ports, a number of older-generation chargers have been upgraded to the latest fast-charging technology. Faster charging not only improves customer convenience; it speeds up internal processes as well.

LAD is also at work on a comprehensive national charging strategy. Working with our manufacturer partners, our stores, and charging partners, we aim to provide our consumers with comprehensive charging solutions that makes it easy to transition to electric vehicle ownership. Consumers will be able to choose a home charger and schedule home installation through their store, or do so online.

Our stores will be equipped to meet the service needs of EV and plug-in hybrid consumers. Proper charging infrastructure ensures batteries are properly maintained during service visits, and vehicles are placed on chargers before consumers pick them up, providing an optional experience.