Oct 18, 2022

Cross-Training With DART; Internships; Leader Talks

Developing Analytical Thinking

LAD’s DART (Data Analytics Rotational Training) program is a unique way to experience the many facets of the company by completing rotations within different departments.

Analytical thinking, and the use of data, is essential to achieving company goals, and the DART program provides early-career professionals of all areas of study a path to success. Participants choose opportunities that fit their unique goals, enabling them to build their skills across a spectrum of subjects to accelerate their growth.

There are 30 LAD departments offering opportunities to DART members. Members work with managers to create roadmaps that outline their rotation schedule and their goals for the future. The goal is to help all DART members find a perfect fit within the company – whether after one rotation or several.

Summer of 2022 Interns

The Class of 2022

LAD has also wrapped up another successful season of its summer internship program. With 35 interns in this the class of 2022, it was an exciting summer for students filled with learning, networking, service, and fun.

Leader Talks

Launched in 2021, Leader Talks is a high volume, high-impact learning series for Lithia & Driveway managers. Several vice presidents have utilized this series to provide valuable progress updates, align strategic focus, and share key information and opportunities to improve with the organization.  

Between June and September 2022, sessions were hosted by David Stork (Senior Vice President), Chuck Lietz (Vice President), George Hines (Senior Vice President), and Chris Holzshu (COO). They shared insights on ESG & Corporate Responsibility; Driveway Finance Corporation; Technology & Innovation; and Operations Focus Areas. Recorded meetings are accessible to all employees via our internal Learning Center.