Aug 26, 2023

Honda Stores Earn Green Dealer Honors

DCH Honda of Oxnard Storefront

Sustainability is an important principle at all our stores, and we encourage each to participate in its respective manufacturer’s sustainable business programs. We’re pleased to announce that pending our recently acquired Hill Country Honda store in San Antonio, Texas, all 45 of our Honda and Acura dealerships are enrolled in the Honda Environmental Leadership Award “Green Dealer” Program. We’re excited to share that several Honda/Acura stores have earned recognition for their measurable efforts in reducing their environmental footprint.

Enviromental Leadership Program

DCH Honda of Oxnard Receives Green Dealer Award

DCH Honda of Oxnard (California) was one of a select number of dealerships who won the 2023 Environmental Leadership Award. This official manufacturer award recognizes a dealer’s achievements in meeting the 2023 energy thresholds as outlined by the company.

“Just like our dedication to customer satisfaction, we're excited to go above and beyond for the environment. By consuming less power from our electric utility, we help reduce some of the emissions created through production, generation, and transmission.”

—DCH Honda of Oxnard Website

 Congratulations, DCH Honda of Oxnard!

Several Stores Earn Green Dealer Badges

In addition to the Oxnard store’s big win, eight of our Honda/Acura stores received Green Dealer Badges in one of three categories: energy, water, or site.

 The badges are designed to encourage dealers to focus on their energy use, which is a core requirement of the Green Dealer Program, but also to implement water, site, and other sustainability practices at dealerships.

Honda's Auto Green Dealer Badges

Energtr Conservation Badge

The Energy Badge is designed to recognize dealers/distributors for taking steps to reduce their energy use.

Water Conservation Badge

The Water Badge is designed to recognize dealers/distributors for monitoring their water use and improving their water efficiency in at least one high-water consumption area.

Several site measures can be implemented to reduce the dealership/distributor’s energy, water, and carbon footprint while saving money on utility bills.

Dealers/distributors must implement at least four site-related measures in order to achieve the Site Badge.

Honda Store Badge Winners:

Bend Honda—Water, Energy & Site Update

Honda of Great Falls—Site Update

Honda of Salem—Water, Energy, Site Update

• John Eagle Honda of Dallas—Site Update

Lithia Honda—Water & Energy

Acura Store Badge Winners:

Acura of Johnston—Site Update

Baierl Acura—Water, Energy, Site Update

DCH Montclair Acura—Water

Congratulations to our Honda/ Acura Green Dealer Badge Winners!