Jul 14, 2022

Greening Our Facilities


LAD currently operates over 275 stores selling 40 brands of new domestic and imported vehicles – as well as all brands of used trucks and cars. Sustainability is an important principle at all of our stores, who are encouraged to participate in sustainable business programs.

We are particularly proud of our Green Dealers, who have been certified through their manufacturers’ specific environmental programs. Three brands – Subaru and Honda/Acura – have implemented sustainable business programs and our stores have enthusiastically enrolled and embraced these principals.

A large percentage of our Subaru stores have enrolled in the Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailer Program, designed for retailers who want to make a positive impact on their communities and local environments. Our Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailers have all invested in energy efficiency; water conservation; recycling and waste management; and community involvement.

Every single one of LAD’s Honda and Acura stores have enrolled in the Honda/Acura Green Dealer Program, which is focused on measurably reducing energy and water use while enhancing environmentally-responsible business operations. All of our Honda/Acura stores have implemented several best practices, including proper building envelope insulation to minimize heat gain and loss; energy-efficient HVAC systems; energy-efficient interior and exterior lighting; designated recycling areas; water-efficient systems; and more. These stores have demonstrated a reduction in energy consumption in order to receive their awards.