Sep 18, 2022

A New GreenCars Learning Center…and More

Tailored Education

One of GreenCars’ primary goals is tailored education for those interested in driving more sustainably. In that spirit, GreenCars launched a new Learning Center on September 20. A complete overhaul of the site’s educational content, the new GreenCars Learning Center is divided into four categories: GreenCars 101; Expert Insights; News; and Resources.

GreenCars 101 is tailored for those new to the electrified-vehicle space, and leads visitors through content designed to educate them about the various types of green vehicles available, including fuel-efficient, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric, and even hydrogen. GreenCars 101 offers technical primers, shopping tips, and even best practices for ownership and maintenance.

Designed for those ready to make the leap into an electrified vehicle, Expert Insights leverages GreenCars’ team and their first-hand knowledge and experience of green vehicles, with road tests, comparisons, and recommendations based on real-world experience.

News helps visitors to GreenCars stay abreast of the latest developments in the sustainable-driving space, with industry announcements, new products, trends, and reports from events relevant to the space.

Useful Resources for EV Intenders

Finally, a comprehensive set of resources helps website visitors complete their journey by helping them choose the right new or used vehicle in the Buyer’s Guide; locate EV chargers; research incentives based on their location and vehicle; find a home charger; and even identify an electrician that can install home charging equipment.

When a GreenCars visitor is ready to purchase a vehicle, they can do so on Driveway, LAD’s online sales platform, which powers the GreenCars marketplace. Driveway gives visitors to GreenCars the ability to buy a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or electric vehicle from anywhere in the country – with just a few clicks.