Jul 14, 2022

Leaders in Environmental Education


LAD recognizes that we are in a unique position to make influential and positive changes in the ways that Americans drive. As such, we have invested in our GreenCars brand, which is focused on encouraging consumers to explore planet-conscious transportation options.

The GreenCars website, launched in 2020, has experienced exponential growth in traffic. It features hundreds of educational guides and articles to help Americans find the right sustainable transportation options and maximize their energy efficiency. The GreenCars site is currently undergoing a major reorganization to give visitors a clear educational path, alongside providing the latest news and information about driving more efficiently.

GreenCars has also delivered educational content through innovative programming. An in-dealership test-drive and education program, Trees For Test Drives, plants a tree for every hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or electric vehicle driven. Drive Your Future, our educational outreach program, partners LAD stores with schools in their areas to deliver education on sustainable transportation. Finally, a partnership with NPR has featured LAD CFO Tina Miller discussing the electric revolution.